Finally our "photos" page is updated!!


It has been about 3 months since we left Punta Arenas and a fast internet connection. We have spent many frustrating hours in internet cafes throughout Patagonia and have failed to be able to back-up and link all of our pictures to the blog. However, along with our gear resupply via my brother's wedding in the Dominican Republic, I was able to download all the pictures to my laptop as well- but was unable to use the internet at the resort in the Dominican. A great big GRACIAS to Jim Brook (my Dad) who was able to upload them from the laptop once he was back home in Colorado with a reliable internet connection. Basically, he was able to do what we have tried to do for 3 months in only a matter of hours... Oh, the benefits of speedy internet! Now you can view all our of albums (through El Bolson) HERE!!!

Now you can finally have the visuals to go with all the stories!

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  1. What an awesome Blog! Having just returned home to Australia from South America I have enjoyed reading every word. Andrew and I ended up biking through northern Argetina, Chile and south western Bolivia, every inch of it beautiful. We've met some wonderful people on the way and have only great memories of the few days we spent in your company around the Chile/Argetina border. Thanks for the laughs and the inspiration- I have no doubt you inspire everyone you meet. Wishing you all a stunning 2012.

    Cheers, Peter