Muchas gracias to our families, friends, new friends and blog followers. We're grateful for your continued support and advice.

We'd like to give special gracias to the following people for their generous contributions to help us along our camino - from putting a roof over our heads (tent), to providing a few nights in a hotel room, to sponsoring a bottle of wine or coordinating gear resupplies:

Jimmy & Laura Field
George K. Baum & Company
Mike & Alicia Goddard
Mark (bartender at Adele's)
Jesse Steele
Sharon & Tony Field
Richard & Cheryl Lawley
Bill & Vicki O'Shaughnessy
John & Kathy Tatro
Jim Brook
Lee White
Marjorie Schlossman
Sonnet Ludwig
Electra Ludwig
Sydney Doolittle

supporting organizations

A MUCHAS MUCHAS gracias goes out to Gregg Treinish. Without his guidance and patience we would not be nearly as prepared. When Trinity cold-called him for the first time, he spoke to her without hesitation for 45 minutes. He continues to provide support throughout the expedition.
In 2008, Gregg Treinish and Deia Schlosberg became the first people to trek the Andes without relying on roads. Throughout 22 months, they trekked 7800 miles from Quito, Ecuador to Ushuaia, Argentina. They studied sustainability throughout the journey and now lecture across the U.S. about the lessons they learned. Upon their return, Gregg founded Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation which links adventurers with scientists seeking data collection from remote areas around the globe. Gregg and Trinity were connected through a mutual friend.

Pacific Biodiversity Institute    The Pacific Biodiversity Institute provided our GPS-enabled camera (Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS10) and maps to aid in data collection for their wildlands biodiversity project.

We are stoked to be supported by SheJumps, a nonprofit that strives to increase female participation in outdoor activities by building upon a supportive community that inspires its members to reach their highest potential.

Sierra Designs and Isis have provided us some stellar gear!! ISIS designs clothes to fit the bodies and lives of real women- (hey...that's us!! BINGO!). Sierra Designs has a long history behind their products "that fuel passion for the outdoor industry" and we are pleased to get to try them out in such a wide variety of environments!

Gossamer Gear has sent us their newest Mariposa packs (in addition to a bunch of schwag) - we are honored to test them out! We adore our packs and consider them the cornerstone to our gear. We also want to thank Gossamer for featuring us on their site (from which our blog hits jumped tremendously)- thank you for putting us out there in the lightweight community. Take less, do more!!!

The outdoor industry is male-focused, but us gals are buying most of the gear! Geargals thinks that it's time for ladies to take center stage right beside the men. They test and review women's gear, tell you the latest news from the outdoor industry, and feature interviews with inspirational women doing awesome stuff. Thanks for giving us Christmas in July!

We started out the trip with a Patagonia-dominated wardrobe and we are going to end it that way thanks to a shipment (facilitated via Geargals) of spanking new gear from this socially-responsible company. We are proud to wear this company's logo with their mission to, "Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis."


  1. Ruby and I just spent the evening reading your blog and drinking mai tai's on our lanai in Hawaii. It was a perfect ending to our lovely day on Kauai. We would have done something more exciting, (salsa dancing) but those mai tai's really slowed us down. Enjoy that crazy entergitic youth energy. We miss and love you, mom

  2. Hello Trinity
    I don't know if you remember me, I met you in Hacienda Chacabuco, south of Chile on Dec 2011, I took you in my car to Chile Chico because you where lost your shoes
    I hope everything went ok in your incredible adventure to Colombia

    Kind regards from Santiago

    Ignacio Casale

    1. Igancio,

      Of course I remember you! Thank you so much for that ride. I did make it to Coyhaique for new shoes eventually - I wrote about it in this post: We made it to Quito in August 2012 and have since returned to the United States to jobs, family and trying to get outdoors as much as we can! We are so thankful to people like you and your parents who helped us in times of need. We had an amazing and positive adventure that we will never forget. If you find your way to the USA and perhaps to CO, please get into touch with me. Muchas gracias!